Hannah has been running workshops for twenty years.  Inspired by a love of facilitating self-expression, she now runs sessions that fuse deep relaxation techniques with exploration of creativity.  “We are all creative, we all have ideas that are unique to us, and when we are most relaxed – almost in a dreaming state – we are at our freest to encounter and express these ideas.”

Regular workshops:

For adults: Deeper Mind, one Saturday monthly 10am-3pm. £50.  This is a themed day, which draws on yoga philosophy and practice to explore deeper and subconscious states for healing and to inspire creativity. More information here

Private sessions: learn and practice techniques to open up creative processes that inspire poetry, journaling, and fiction writing. For finding a starting point that really resonates, getting through blocks and for discovering your unique voice and the themes that are a fit for you.  1hr or 1.5hr by arrangement

For children and young people: Being Creative in Nature. Contact Hannah for more info.

Occasional workshops:

Children’s Mental Health Week – ‘ Relax, unwind and discover your creativity’, sessions for Nottinghamshire County Council

Sherwood Art’s Week, 30th June 2024

Nottingham Literary Festival  September 2024

 All sessions take place in Nottingham and London, UK, or via Zoom.

Contact Hannah for more information

exploring creativity in the studio

Most workshops take place in our dedicated space in Sherwood, Nottingham.


Saturday 18th May 10am-3pm

Saturday 14th September 10am-3pm

Saturday 12th October 10am-3pm


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Sherwood Arts Week Sunday 30th June

“This is a story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering. When I had finished reading I just wanted to stay with them!”