“When she reached the fire, the girl looked back with a half-smile.  Near to the smouldering pit, a skinned squirrel was hanging from a frame of sticks, drying in the smoke. “I wish we didn’t have to eat that,” I whispered, short of breath.  


about earthheart: Hurricanes and a dream

A year ago, a friend of mine was in a hurricane. She told me about the fear, the craziness, how suddenly the land disappeared and about the putrid smell of death afterwards. Apparently unrelatedly, I had a dream one night: of a girl with long black hair taking refuge amongst the trees. I don’t know what brought these two things together – the girl and the hurricane – but they joined somehow and were the engine for writing this book. They matched in equal parts a deep distress for our future and a more subconscious, personal vision of hiding, revealing and overcoming. Earthheart is about never giving up.

This book is recommended for young adults over twelve and adults.

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“This is a story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering. When I had finished reading I just wanted to stay with them!”