El eats ants and nettles and sleeps under the stars. She wants to find her family, but the world has changed and they could be anywhere or nowhere now. But when all seems lost, there is still hope. Friends are to be found, and struggle shows up the bravest qualities within. Welcome to Earthheart, a forest adventure where young people are finding a new way to survive.

“So compelling”

“I just wanted to stay with them”


“A story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering. When I finished reading, I just wanted to stay with them!”
Rachel Richards
The Wild Orchard

The characters were so relatable and deep and their circumstances so compelling! The world building is on point, with vivid descriptions that will have you smelling the woods. It is a page turner that grips you from the first chapter and never lets go.

Rita Peixeiro

Engaging, gripping. Beautifully and sensitively written. This book had me gripped from the start. It is beautifully and sensitively written for it’s teenage audience. The characters were engaging and I was really drawn into the story line and invested in finding out what would happen next. I highly recommend it, and am left wanting a sequel, so I find out what happens next

Lauren Kinnersley

Wow! a really captivating story, really, really powerful…

Glennie Kindred, Walking with Trees

This is a story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering. When I had finished reading, I just wanted to stay with them!

Rachel Richards, The Wild Orchard

survival and adventure in the forest

I write poetry and fiction. My first novel is called Earthheart and its story is told by El who is fourteen and lives in a forest. 

I admire those like El who are fighting for connection, love and humanity despite the immense challenges we face. Writing is one way to express purpose and vision. For about twenty years I've run workshops which link relaxation and creativity. I've witnessed countless people connect through artistic and literary expression to the things which are most important to them.